Sydni Monique was not created just for vegans.
It was created for anyone who appreciates high quality skincare (which just happens to be vegan in nature).
As we researched the competition, we found very little in the way of vegan skincare, and what we found wasn't really vegan. We have researched raw material ingredients, thickeners, preservatives and scents that would be appropriate for a vegan product without compromising our standards.
The ingredients we found are in our shampoo, conditioner, body butter, body scrub, body wash and bath salts. These ingredients have not been derived from animals, animal by-products, nor has the production or manufacture of these ingredients included any animal by-products.
We have chosen to scent our products with essential oils because every other fragrance we researched was not suitable. We custom blended essential oils for our signature scent, Original Blend No. 1, and also offer an unscented line.
To our friends in the vegan community - rejoice! You have found quality skincare that fits into your lifestyle.
Not vegan? No worries - Sydni Monique is a great skincare line for all walks of life.